Saturday, May 05, 2001

If I was child, I could get the present today. Taking a rest watching TV for a couple of hours seemed a good idea. Changing channels didn¡¯t result in good programs. The entire channels were broadcasting animation for children. I thought it would be better to rent a couple of videos. I went to a nearby video rental shop. The lady shop owner welcomed me as usual. No wonder. I¡¯m one of her regulars. I looked around for a good one and rented a titled ¡°couching tiger hidden dragon¡± I was entertaining, dug it tremendously. I strongly recommend the movie.

Friday, May 04, 2001

I noticed the clock already ticking toward midnight. I was turning the bathroom doorknob and opening the door. I looked in the mirror to find myself as ugly as can be.
My eyes was so blood-shot coz of drinking. I looked like a bum with my hair disheveled like a mop. I still hangover and I sit down at the computer, now feel that the monitor is turning in front of my face. It¡¯s impossible to write my diary more. I had better go to bed.

Thursday, May 03, 2001

I¡¯m very frustrated and disappointed about Bush¡¯s environmental policy. According the today¡¯s new paper, Bush rejected the agreement for protecting the nature. Because of the cost and money, whatever he want just for American¡¯s benefit. No way. It¡¯s nonsense.
I¡¯m very upset. The earth is just one thing that we have to keep and take care for us by us and for our children for human being. I also know U.S is going to recession. But it is just nothing for comparing with natural

Wednesday, May 02, 2001

Most of guys like to drink especially my friend; they love drinking (she). I bet kyung-uk had better marry alcohol. Every week we met and talk a lot about my study, business something else. After the meeting next we go to hangout place and cast ¡®bottoms up¡¯
Especially, seoung-won drinks like fish, we used to joke him ¡®fish belly¡¯ He yell ¡®let¡¯s go for another round!¡¯ then I beg him ¡®come on guy let me slide this time¡¯
These high school guys are my sincerely friend

Monday, April 30, 2001

Today is the Buddha¡¯s birthday. I¡¯m a Christian so I don¡¯t believe in. But I personally respect his carrier, behavior and idea as a person and man. That¡¯s all. No less and no more meaning to me. Especially he was a son of king but abandoned everything and did self-sacrifice to the poor. It¡¯s very impressive thing. If I was he, could I do like him?
Well, I don¡¯t know.
Hello, yup finally I'm in.

I'm celebarating myself.