Thursday, May 31, 2001

Today I did a quiet of thing. Maybe I could be help to save one life. I¡¯m very proud of myself since I have been born.
I donate my blood with free!
Frankly I was on my way, caught by strong tough nurse come from mobile blood donation bus.
But pure innocent nurse tortured me. Oh no I don¡¯t want to remind. I felt something was wrong from the beginning. She was having trouble finding the vessel. She kept pricking my whole arm with the needle, unable to find the vein. Who called nurse angel in white?
At suck long last she drew blood. After the freak operation, she said sorry with juice, cookie and smile, I take it said back ¡®nothing¡¯ with smirk.
Cool you are. great job

Wednesday, May 30, 2001

Now I committed a crime, some illegal thing. Coz I just downloaded the Microsoft¡¯s Office XP from the Internet. But who care? Who can blame me? It¡¯s just some kind of right for personal operator. I think every software personal user needs to raise their voice.
I know it¡¯s not legal but it¡¯s not false or shame thing. Microsoft have been ruled the market, over priced, monopoly, do not reveal program source. It¡¯s a little bit unfair.
It cost an arm and a leg to purchase legit program.

Ps sir, if you need MS latest new version Office program titled ¡®Office XP¡¯, just told me. It has some specially function that speech recognition. That¡¯s so cool.

Tuesday, May 29, 2001

Weather is getting warmer and warmer. Sun is trying to kill or toast me. Sometime I hate a hot summer. Because there are too many mosquitoes, flies
I prefer variety tender her rain than sole strong his sun.
My country is longing for her, and I ditto. I like her, the other word I love her. I really like the sound of she coming. It seemed to me that sanitary everything. I thank clearance and fresh air after the rain. It gives new life every creature in the world. I am grateful for water. I appreciate God. Sometime I look at the blue sky while anticipate another rain. It will rain again in face of nature – human nature

Sunday, May 27, 2001

If somebody asks: what¡¯s your duty? Maybe, I have to say: What I am doing is only studying. I am really sick and tired of this monotonous life and study.
Everyday is same, always same. You know, I have to get up early in the morning. Put up the cloth and eat the breakfast, sometime miss. Go to the school; sit in the back of the lecture hall, pretend to be taking a note but ¡¦
Tomorrow, I have a mid-term test. It is already 2 A.M
My bro and I go to ¡®Namdaemun¡¯. Frankly my brother is a little bit picky and penny pincher. He pulled me by the sleeve to the Jean store. He was going to buy me a summer jean! I couldn¡¯t be happier while searching through the showroom for good ones. I tried gray pants but they fit too tightly around the waist. Faded jeans take a backseat these days. Old blue jeans are chic. But I choose a worn out look jean.
How a miser bought for me~ I was so impressed that brought tears to my eyes.